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Do you offer an Classes?

Although we believe in a more personalized business model in order to deliver each athlete the results they deserve, we also see the value in Group Fitness. Thus we offer our morning HIIT class - SEDFit!

What are your cleaning practices?

We do a full deep clean of the equipment, floors, bathrooms, and anything you can touch after our morning session, and upon closing! We also ask our members to carry a personal spray bottle and towel with them (we supply), to clean everything as they go!

Are you open during COVID-19?

We will have our doors open as long as we feel we can provide a safe environment for your health and wellness! (And as long the government allows us too!)

Is Youth Weightlifting safe?

100% YES! - As long as they are following a specific program design for youth athletes, under the proper professional supervision! Not only will weightlifting not harm them, but comes with numerous benefits your children can use both in and out of the gym!

Do you only work with Olympic Weightlifters?

NO! Our athletes range from ages 7-70, Elite level to just starting their fitness journey! We have members that come from all backgrounds in every shape and size with different goals across the board. Whatever way you are looking to improve your health, we are here to help!

Where are you located?

Our address is: 7150 Devons Road, Unit 13 & 14 West Palm Beach, FL 33404

Can I train with my husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, friend?

Absolutely, we offer Semi-Private Training in addition to One-on-One!

Do you offer One-On-One Training?

We don't just offer One-on-One Training, we specialize in it!

Do you offer classes?

Currently, we do not run group classes as the gym. However, will be implementing small group foundations as well as Am/Pm Aerobic Capactiy (Cardio based) workouts in the near future!

What are your hours?

The gym is open Monday-Friday from 6am-7pm, and Sat 7am-12pm We run by appointment only on Sundays

NSCA Certification
NASM Certification
USA Weightlifting

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