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Sedulous Performance Athletics - Science Based Training

At SEDulous, we believe our athletes grow, learn, and thrive from a competitive atmosphere. Here, an athlete is forced to make decisions, react to situations, and perform to the highest level of ability in split seconds.

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Chad Olsen

I have devoted countless long days to furthering my education and my coaching ability to better serve those that love the sport of fitness.

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Thalia Mendoza

I've competed on both some small stages and some big stages, and look forward to continued success both as an athlete and a coach.

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Ro Scott

I pride myself on being able to truly connect with those I serve and conquer any goal that lies ahead of us!

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Elie Jean Philipp Francois, LMT

I am passionate about helping people find rejuvenation and renewal amidst the stresses of life.

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Ryne Olsen

I've come to notice that opportunities present themselves frequently, but it's about the desire to change that makes the difference.

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From Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strength and Power Development, Cardio Endurance, or simply looking better in the mirror, we can design the perfect program for you.

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One-on-One Training

Feel better, Perform better, Look better than you thought possible. The ultimate test of accountability and consistency. Your One-on-One Coach will provide you with a training experience like no other, forcing the intensity and focus needed to achieve the goals you desire!

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Personal Programming

Quality and value provided to the individual athlete. Where you don't get stuck doing the same work as the masses. Designed uniquely for you, your goals, your body, your schedule and your life. A personalized focused training program allowing you to reach your maximum potential.

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Semi Private Training

Experience the benefit of having a personal coach, while getting the comradery of training with a friend (or two!). Hands on attention delivering the quality you deserve to reach your goals, all without breaking the bank.

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Distance Programming

Powered by TrainHeroic, we not only provided our local clients with a quality of service like no other, but now you can train side by side with Team SEDulous from anywhere in the world!

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The industry leading TrainHeroic app allows you to train to your absolute best potential. Alongside your coach, the amazing features within the app greatly help to hold you accountable to your commitment of becoming the BEST version of yourself.

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About Sedulous Performance Athletics

Learn More About Sedulous Performance Athletics. from Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Strength and Power Development, Endurance, or Simply Looking Better in the Mirror - We Can Design the Perfect Program for You.

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USA Weightlifting

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