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The industry leading TrainHeroic app allows you to train to your absolute best potential. Alongside your coach, the amazing features within the app greatly help to hold you accountable to your commitment of becoming the BEST version of yourself.

Do the Work. Trust the Process.


Track Your Progress

With TrainHeroic, the coaches at SEDulous are never more than a few clicks away. Our expert programs, videos and instructions are delivered directly through the TrainHeroic training app, empowering you to attack each session.

Industry Leader

The industry leading TrainHeroic app allows you and your coach to track your progress day in and day out. With a click of a button we can access today's workout, last week's workout, your 1RM's, your percentages, your benchmark workouts, your progress, your stress, how you are sleeping, how you are responding to your training program, and so much more.

Elevate Your Training

TrainHeroic packs an incredible amount of power for the athlete and coach alike to truly elevate your training to the next level. We can keep in constant contact through the message portal, provide instructional movement videos with points of performance, analyze, cue and correct your videos, and evaluate just how much you are improving overall.

NSCA Certification
NASM Certification
USA Weightlifting

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